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Shop No 18-23, First Floor, Sharad Pavar Bhavan, Pen Khopoli Road Buddha Nagar, raigad 402107

Shop No 18-23, First Floor, Sharad Pavar Bhavan, Pen Khopoli Road, Nearby Bus Stand, Buddha Nagar, raigad, maharashtra - 402107

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About Bank of Maharashtra
Maharashtra has a long history of commercial activity since ages because of its strategic location in Indian sub continent and its large natural resources. Maharashtra has been a progressive region and the Banking activity was also started in this region quite early. Historically speaking, the Bank of Bombay established in 1840 was the first Commercial Bank in Maharashtra. However, the first commercial bank set up in Maharashtra outside Mumbai was The Poona Bank established in 1889 at Pune followed by The Deccan Bank in 1890 and the Bombay Banking Company in 1898. Outbreak of the First World War leading to great depression took a heavy toll on banks in India. Between 1914 and 1935 as many as 380 banks failed in the country out of which 54 were based in Bombay province. The impact of these failures was felt more in Maharashtra region because certain banks known for a long time were also closed down. The effects of great depression started fading and new enterprises began emerging with new hopes in all spheres of economy, including banking.
Frequently Asked Questions

A floating interest rate sometimes known as variable interest rate, is an interest rate that varies over time according to changes in a reference rate or index. It's often used in financial products like mortgages, home loans and other investments.

Yes, it is possible to obtain a home loan in India jointly along with close relatives. Joint home loans are common which offer various benefits to customers. When two or more people apply for a home loan together, they are sharing the obligation as well as eligible for higher loan amount.

  • Adding a nominee to your account is the smart thing to do. In the unfortunate event of death of account holder, the funds are settled to the account of nominee in a hassle-free and without much paper work.
  • Adding Nominee to account is advisable, but not mandatory.

Under the extant guidelines, Rs. 4945/- per gram of 22-carat gold ornaments Or 75% of the market value of the net weight of the Gold ornaments excluding stones attached to ornaments/jewellery to be pledged, whichever is less, that much loans sanctioned by banks against pledge of gold ornaments and jewellery.

A Savings Account is a deposit account that provides principal security, an interest rate, and a high degree of liquidity. Savings accounts are ideal for keeping emergency money or money for daily expenses that you might need at a later date.

Any individual can open savings bank accounts singly or jointly. A joint account is one, which operated by two or more persons.SB accounts of minors can be opened jointly with a natural guardian/legal guardian.

Minimum balance should be maintained in the account on a Monthly Average basis. If Minimum Monthly Average Balance in the account is not maintained, applicable service charges shall be levied monthly. To know more about applicable service charges click, Service Charges -

Maximum loan amount will be lowest of loan amount assessed on the basis of Permissible Deduction norms, Maximum permissible LTV ratio, Loan amount requested.

While availing Bank Of Maharashtra Gold Loan No Guarantor is required.

A PAN card is not a mandatory document to apply for a gold loan. However, the applicant should satisfy the KYC guideline.

Bank of Maharashtra offers flexible tenures on their Car Loan products. The maximum tenure is 84 months.

You can apply for the Bank of Maharashtra Saving Account through any of the below processes.

  • Apply for SB Saving Account online by clicking on the link:
  • Walk into any of our nearby branches.
  • Banking Correspondents/ Customer Service points.